Technomics – International – A Different Type of Research and Consulting Company

TECHNOMICS – INTERNATIONAL is a boutique strategy and policy research, management consulting, and knowledge outsourcing firm designed to help individuals, businesses, and governments make sense of and excel in the tremendous changes taking place at the intersection of technology, economics and society.

With principals and staff having extensive knowledge and experience in research, consulting, entrepreneurship, and public policy, Technomics - International provides a one-stop solution to research, consulting, and market intelligence needs of its clients. The firm takes pride in its end-to-end business model ranging from research and analysis, to policy, strategy, and operational consulting and advisory, to management and implementation of strategies and business and policy initiatives.

Technomics – International’s unique value proposition is driven by a set of six core values, namely, bringing method and rigor to our analysis, putting Integrity and ethics back into consulting, leveraging labor arbitrage by using a “global office” model to deliver best value to its clients, forming deep relationships to become a “trusted advisor” for its clients, bringing diverse skill-sets and a global expertise base to meet its clients varied knowledge needs, and approaching each engagement with a view towards solving a problem rather than pushing a solution.

The firm uses a "global office" model to work across geographical boundaries and draws upon a vast network of partners, domain experts, associates and affiliates in United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia to deliver value to its clients. It specializes in six sectors, namely, IT and Outsourcing, Telecom and New Media, Clean Energy, Defense and Aerospace, Research and Higher Education, and Public Sector with a range of generic and specialized offerings across these sectors.

Opportunities with Technomics

Technomics offers tremendous consulting, partnering, and employment opportunities to those with the right skills, presence, and attitude.

Our Global Network of Experts Model implies that we constantly seek expertise – wherever we can find it.

Technomics also seeks to partner with complimentary entities in priority markets, such as Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

Should you fit these profiles, and wish to join our Global Network of Experts and Partners, please email us with a CV.