Our Consulting & Advisory Services

Technomics – International’s Consulting and Advisory Services (CAS) offerings build upon our deep appreciation of our client’s business needs, knowledge of certain industry domains, and our ability to manage a variety of stakeholders through empathetic listening and expectations management and ultimately deliver value to our clients’ business, policy, and social objectives.

TI’s CAS consultants and advisors not only bring relevant domain knowledge but also a tried and tested client engagement methodology – developed over years of successful and satisfying client interactions and engagements – and a keen desire to deliver value that exceeds clients’ expectations.

In delivering the value that they provide, CAS consultants often become important “insiders” and “trusted advisors” to clients’ organizations while at the same time maintaining their neutrality and independence necessary for delivering high-quality and sincere advice.

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    Machiavelli on the Role of The Advisor

"The advisor [minister] must think always of the leaders [prince], not of himself…Unless leaders [rulers] are shrewd about choosing their advisors, they will find themselves surrounded by flatterers. The only way to guard against flattery is to show that you are not offended by the truth… A wise leader [prince] will pick intelligent advisors and allow … them to speak frankly… when he asks for their opinions. He should listen carefully, but make his own decisions...."

— Adapted from The Prince by Machiavelli


    TI’s Consulting & Advisory     Services (CAS)
- Public policy
- Business strategy
- Business planning
- New ventures strategy
- Market intelligence
- Competitive strategy
- M&A strategy
- Performance management
- Incentives design
- Organizational design
- Organizational assessment
- Process excellence
- Operational excellence
- Change management
- IT strategy
- IT security
- Outsourcing strategy

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