Our Research & Analysis Offerings

Technomics – International brings a wealth of methodological know-how and experience and relationships to bear on its research and analytic work. We approach every problem from a methodologically agnostic and multi-disciplinary standpoint and can bring whatever expertise is demanded by a particular situation. Our research and analysis services and products are characterized by methodological richness, as evidenced by the methods and tools we can deploy, and analytical rigor.

The Research and Analysis Practice (RAP) at Technomics – International specializes in addressing and tackling unique problems – often hard problems defying a straightforward solution and requiring multidisciplinary approaches – for individual clients. Each engagement under RAP is unique and requires high-level engagement and attention of a methodology expert, a quality assurance professional, and a client engagement executive overseeing a team of consultants and analysts.

To discuss your particular needs, or refer an opportunity for an RFP, please contact our Research and Analysis Practice (RAP )

    Featured Research

In 2004-5, Technomics – International was commissioned by Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) – the country’s leading IT policy organization – to carry out a Research Study on the Strategic Challenges and Best Practices in the country’s software industry. The study became the first ever national study of the country’s software industry and involved an extensive research exercise involving more than 50 companies over a span of 4 months.


    Methods & Tools Deployed
- Economic analysis
- Statistical analysis
- Survey design and execution
- Regression and estimation
- Cost-benefit analysis
- Public policy analysis
- Stakeholder analysis
- Quantitative modeling
- Operations research
- Systems modeling
- Input-output analysis
- Scenario planning
- Delphi processes
- Financial analysis
- Multivariate sensitivity analysis
- Probabilistic threat analysis etc.