Our Service Offerings

Technomics – International offers a range of service offerings across a number of domains. From a functional standpoint, TI’s offerings maybe divided into three broad categories:

TI specializes in providing methodologically rigorous research and analysis to meet client needs. Our high-quality, high -impact research and analytical services set us apart from other “run-of-the-mill” consulting firms. Learn about TI’s Research and Analysis Offerings.

Building upon its deep knowledge of clients’ business needs and the broader domain, TI delivers custom consulting and advisory services to its clients. Our empathetic listening and relentless quest to solve the clients’ problem makes us a “trusted advisor” to many. Learn about TI’s Consulting & Advisory Services.

From round-the-clock knowledge, high- impact intelligence, TI’s knowledge outsourcing practice is a trusted source of competitive advantage for our KPO clients. Our ability to leverage labor arbitrage through our global footprint delivers best value solutions to our clients’ knowledge needs. Learn about TI’s Knowledge Sourcing Practice.

    List of Services

Technomics provides a range of services offerings across a number of domains including, but not limited to:

Policy & Programs

- Public policy consulting
- Research study design & execution
- Program design and Management
- Policy and program evaluation

Business Strategy

- Strategic business consulting
- New ventures management
- New ventures due-diligence
- Market intelligence
- Mergers and acquisitions

Organizations & Processes

- Organizational assessment alignment, and design
- Process and operational Excellence
- Change management

IT & Outsourcing

- IT strategy consulting
- IT security consulting and audit
- Knowledge process outsourcing
- Outsourcing risk assessment
- System specification design